Sunday, January 5, 2014

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”
― attributed to Albert Einstein

Sunday, September 23, 2012

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Friday, September 14, 2012



Josephine pouted as she sat herself in the corner of the sofa.
“Josephine, you need to take time out. Go upstairs and count to one hundred, calm down and then think about it.”
“But I did not scroll down...” she began to lie. Mama has gotten angrier. “I do not like lies, Josephine. I was reading you a German lesson and you were not paying attention and started to click and scroll down the pages.”
“It’s your fault, because you...” Josephine began to blame. This made mama even angrier.
“Josephine, blaming makes me even more angry. The whole thing is very simple. I was reading you a German lesson and you were not paying attention and started to click and scroll down the pages on the computer. I do not wish to read you right now. You need to think about it all and then come to talk to me.”

Josephine began to cry.
“Why are you crying? “Asked mama.
“Because you are angry with me.”
“Yes, but you only need to apologize and not to do it again, and then we can play again.” Mama walked toward Josephine’s library and pulled out the ‘Madeline, The - Always – Be – Polite Book’. She sat down next to Josephine and hugging her, she began to read the chapter ‘SORRY’. In no time Josephine was laughing. “Excuse me, Sorry, Pardon me!” Read mama.  “And then all bad will be forgotten.”
“Why is she crying?” Josephine asked about the picture in the book.
“Because her sorry comes from her heart.” Mama explained. “See?” She said. Then mama closed the book and smiled.  Her eyes still on the book cover, she said: “Look at the cover illustration. Can you describe it? I see a flower lady in the plaza of the city of Paris. There is a fountain in the middle, Miss Clavel with twelve girls... What else is there?”
“Four trees, yellow sunflowers, red and yellow tulips, red roses...” said, Josephine. And then, after a short pause she started to recite with a smile her very first very own poem:

“Sunflowers are yellow
Roses are red
I always say sorry
When I did something bad”

“That’s lovely!” Said mama with the biggest smile. “Let’s write it down so we do not forget it. Would you like to illustrate it?”
             “Yes.” Said Josephine. “Why are you so happy?” She observed.
Mama laughed.
“Because I like it very much!”

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


By Katarina Zavodszka

“I should like to play  ‘house’ today,” said the little devil one day, his eyes wide open, full of joy. And the bashful angel kept his eyes lowered while his smile was soft and wide. He spread his wings and lifted up hovering above the ground.
“Fabulous!” The little devil shouted.  “Can you teach me that?”
“I can certainly try.” Said the angel softly. “First spread the wings, like this.” He said.
“The wings,” the little devil repeated to himself, while he turned back to his left and then back to his right to find... something else. “This?” He asked taking hold of it.
“Hehehehe” The angel burst out in soft laughter. “That is a tail! Hehehe.”
He kept giggling at the black brush like tickly hair at the end of the little devil’s tail. But then the little devil showed sad frown on his face.
“Oh, don’t be disappointed!” Called out the angel. “Let’s try something.” He let himself down onto the ground and took hold of the black tail. “Here, he said, “wrap this around my ankle.
“Like this?” The little devil asked and danced around the angel’s ankles tying it around the left one.
“Perfect.” Said the angel. “Now hold on and look straight!” He ordered and lifted up.
“Woooow!” Shouted the little devil hanging below. “Wooow!” He screamed again flicking his hands like some fast wings. “I like it!” He said finally. “Can we go on an adventure?”
“Yes, let’s go.” Said the angel and started for a sandy desert that, as he could see from up there, had a lovely oasis in the middle of it. “See that?” He pointed to it. “Let’s go there!” And together they flew away.

“Is that the end?” Josephine asked. “Ah, I should like to hear more about them!”
“All right. Let’s read the second chapter!” Mama said.


“Each hour the playing couple came closer to the oasis. They made one stop in the market, where they bought binoculars and a water canteen.
(To be continued.)