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By Katarina Zavodszka

There once was a Little Digger who moved into a new home with his Mommy Digger and Daddy Digger. The home was not too far from a highway that was being built. In the morning, after breakfast, Mommy Digger said to Little Digger: 
“Little Digger, daddy and I have to go to the work on the highway, but you are too small to go with us. You must stay home and if you want to practice digging, then only in our garden! Do not leave our garden. Do not open the gate.

Little Digger said he understood and kissed mommy and daddy good bye.

Upon their leave, the Little Digger started his digging in the garden. He dug here and he dug there. He played all over the garden with joy. When he ran out of space he started digging deeper. He dug a deep hole and kept digging further, when, suddenly, his teeth got stuck on something. He tried to pull out with no success. He wriggled. He rolled his eyes left and right, his teeth stuck deep in the ground, but he saw no one who could help him. His motor ran louder and louder, as he tried to pull his teeth out by backing out.

‘If I make loud noise with my motor,’ he thought, ‘maybe my mommy and daddy can hear me at their work on the highway and will rush home to rescue me.’

He tried so hard to make loud noise that his motor shot out a black cloud of smoke out of his exhaust pipe: “Poof!”

“Excuse me”, said Little Digger and blushed.

But Mommy Digger and Daddy Digger could not hear him, as the work on the highway was loud.

The Little Digger did not give up. He rumbled and grumbled and roared until his radiator overheated. The water in it turned into the steam and the white steam rose up to the sky in form of small sheep-like clouds. This scared him, which sent out yet another cloud up. The Little Digger took notice of it.

‘I have an idea!’ he thought to himself. ‘I will send steam messages up to the sky!’

He added gas to feed his motor, which made his motor run and overheat even more, and his radiator that could not keep up cooling the hot motor made white steam messages that rose to the sky: “Ti-ti-ti, taah-taah-taah, ti-ti-ti. Ti-ti-ti, taah-taah-taah, ti-ti-ti. Ti-ti-ti, taah-taah-taah, ti-ti-ti.” The Little Digger knew very well, that this meant “SOS. SOS. SOS.” in the international Morse code. And in the international Morse code this meant: “Help!”

In the meantime Mommy Digger and Daddy Digger worked hard on the highway. It was nearly lunch break and Mommy Digger paused her digging. She looked up at the blue sky with a puff. There she saw a row of small white sheep-like clouds writing a long message, that looked like this: “. . . - - - . . .”

She read it out aloud: “Dot, dot, dot, dash, dash, dash, dot, dot, dot. Dot, dot, dot, dash, dash, dash, dot, dot, dot. Dot, dot, dot, dash, dash, dash, dot, dot, dot.”

“What is it? An SOS in the sky? And it is coming from the direction of our house, Daddy Digger!” She boomed with an explosion, as she was, after all, a backhoe.

Daddy Digger, alarmed, stopped digging, and blasted through the noisy highway: “Mommy Digger! It is coming from our house, indeed! We better rush home to check on our Little Digger!”

The both of them speeded to their gate, nervous Daddy Digger puffing out black smoke out of his exhaust pipe. “Excuse me, pardon me,” he kept repeating. In the garden they found Little Digger with his teeth stuck deep down in the ground. His eyes rolled up at them.

“I aan a i ee ou,” he mumbled.

“Little Digger!” They shouted simultaneously and got to work to pull him out instantly.

And imagine what they found! Their Little Digger’s teeth came out, to be sure, but they had gold all over them. The three of them peaked into the deep hole just to find that they had gold in their garden‘s ground.

“You have found gold Little Digger!” Daddy digger rumbled, which is, what loud machines, such as he was, do.

“Wow,” Mommy Digger puffed.

The Little Digger smiled while his eyes sparkled, which could had been a short circuit, which is an electrical malfunction, of course, due to his overheating.

Since then Mommy Digger and Daddy Digger did not have to work on the highway any more. They just dug the gold they had in their garden. Of course, they did not call it a garden anymore. They called it ‘A Gold Mine’.


1.     a mechanical excavator that draws toward itself a bucket attached to a hinged boom.

Monday, January 18, 2016


How Wind Had To Go To Finishing School
By Katarina Zavodszka
(From Josephine and The Sage)

One lovely Sunday Josephine and mama went to lunch at Al Fresco restaurant at the golf course on the shore of the Palm Beach island.

“Inside or on the terrace?” asked the hostess.
“On the terrace!” exclaimed Josephine, and the hostess led them to a table outside. The beach looked turquoise and the sun shined. A black bird sat high in the palm tree nearby.

“I will have the meat golf balls”, Josephine ordered happily her traditional at this location dish, while mama had a glass of prosecco before reading the menu.

When Josephine started at her meat golf balls, her blond hair kept flying in. Mama was relaxing and sipping on her prosecco, but someone kept tugging at her sleeve for attention. Tug-tug, tug-tug.

“Excuse me, Wind, this really needs to stop. It is not polite,” mama said.

Josephine giggled, but then the red tomato sauce blew off her spoon in the form of tiny droplets right into her face.

“Oh no!” she said and Mama, trying to keep her dress intact reproached the Wind again.

“This really ought to stop, Wind. You are disrupting our lunch. If you do not know how to behave, I am afraid, you will have to go to the Finishing School!”

“What is a Finishing School?” Josephine burst out laughing.

“A finishing school is a school that focuses on teaching social graces,” said mama. “It follows on from ordinary school and is intended to complete the education, with classes primarily on deportment and etiquette.

“Wind, you will have to go to the Finishing School,” announced Josephine at the next opportunity that Wind presented: a blow so intense that her hair spiraled up like some sort of twist of ice cream from soft serve ice cream machine.

“I like him,” she said, finally, smiling. “He is a prankster like me.”

Mama just took a sip of her prosecco, wind tugging at her sleeve. Excuse me, tug-tug, excuse me, tug-tug, excuse me! He pulled with quick, forceful movements with a persistence of one unruly child.

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Learn languages while reading funny, illustrated original children stories that offer morals not unlike those found in fables.



Bilingual Book.
This enchanting illustrated children's story set in the African wilderness contains in essence a moral, not unlike those found in the fables of Aesop.  Here what begins with the childlike misgivings at the frightening sounds of the animal kingdom are allayed by a shift in perspective -- to that of the lions who were also curious at the scent of a wedding feast. The lions are surprisingly creative in the disguises they envision in the hope to join in, yet unable to execute due to their lack of skill. One senses in their endeavor the kinship of man and animal.

Libro bilingüe:
Esta encantadora ilustración de cuentos para niños se desarrolla en el África salvaje y contiene una esencia moral, poco parecida en las fabulas de Aesop. Aquí la historia comienza con la duda y miedos con los sonidos espantosos del reino animal, los cuales se alivian mediante un cambio de perspectiva – esa de los leones quienes también estaban curiosos por  los olores del festín de la boda. Los leones son sorprendentemente creativos con la creación de sus disfraces con la esperanza de poder participar, sin embargo no pueden ejecutar su plan debido a su falta de destreza. Uno se percata de lo duro que trabajan en mantener una relación hombre y animal.

Dvojjazyčná kniha.
Tento čarovný ilustrovaný príbeh pre deti, ktorý sa odohráva v africkej púšti, obsahuje i mravné ponaučenie nápodobné tým, ktoré nájdeme v Ezopových bájkach. Tu to, čo začína detskou obavou z desivých zvukov z ríše zvierat, je rozptýlené posunom v perspective, kde sú levv, zaujaté vôňou svadobnej hostiny. Levy sú prekvapivo kreatívne v prevlekoch, ktoré si predstavujú v nádeji pripojiť sa k hostine, napriek tomu to nedokážu z dôvodu ich nedostatku zručností. V ich snahe cítime  príbuzenstvo človeka a zvieraťa.

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New Illustrator

The books have been translated and will be available in bilingual form that will allow children to learn languages. We have a new illustrator!